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Marites Allen Flying Star Feng Shui Update 8th September 2013 – 7th October 2013

Opposite each of the 9 directions below, you will find 2 numbers. The first number indicates the annual star and the second number indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the monthly forecast indicated for each direction. Every month, it is important to know where the auspicious and inauspicious stars have flown, and to position your cures and enhancers accordingly.

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SOUTHEAST (4/3)            

This will be a tense month for residents of this sector. Females are especially prone to romantic problems. There is too much Wood energy her that could bring about strained relationships. Display a 3 Legged Bird with 3 Suns to counter the negative energy. There is good news in the form of success in education and literary activities. This will favor students who can benefit from placing a Chi Lin 3 Brush in the Southeast to enhance study luck.

SOUTH (9/8)

Enjoy prosperity luck this month plus many happy occasions if your main entrance is in the South. To enhance this type of good luck, put a 6 Birds Water Fountain in this sector. There will be plenty of time for socializing for the young. Just note that although there is good money and business luck, there is a need to guard against conflict with elders. Wearing a Dzi Bead bracelet with 5 Bats is recommended.


Expect some good news as a result of the white star in the Southwest. Career and literary luck can be enhanced with a Dragon Tortoise in this sector. The illness star could cause some problems but hanging a Wu Lou Metal Windchime in the Southwest can take care of that. Keep to a healthy lifestyle and mind what you eat.

EAST (3/2)          

The combination of the illness star and the argumentative star this month brings negative energies causing personal and business problems. There could be pressure in marital unions, but displaying the Trident with Mandarin Duck Vase or the Double Happiness symbol will help you achieve more loving relationships. If you are always in the limelight, you may have a rough ride ahead.

CENTER (5/4)

There is improvement in the love and literary areas as the unluckiest month has just ended. Attract good luck with an Bejewelled Manjushri with Mantra. Those in the creative and academic fields will have a more productive time. Money luck is better but can still be enhanced with a Health, Wealth and Love Pyramid. Romance luck is there for young couples.

WEST (7/6)

Residents of this sector will be favored with heaven luck. If you’re in a competitive situation, make the proper move to win over competitors. To get the cooperation of your colleagues, hang a Four Friends Windchime  or carry a Coin with your allies and frieds. Be careful because there is so much metal energy here that can cause violent and conflict situations. Be sure there are no sharp objects in the West.

NORTHEAST (8/7)           

Be careful of possible armed robbery with the presence of the robbery and violent star in the Northeast. If your main door is in this sector, double your security measures and control the negative energy with a Rhino and Elephant Water Fountain. Be sure that your money and other valuables are kept in the safe. Young males should carry the Night Safety Amulet for protection. Losing money because of competition is possible. Display a Pair of Fu Dogs in your main entrance.

NORTH (1/9)

Take advantage of the lucky stars that could bring money and career advancements. If you’re in business, put a Wealth Ingot Tree in this sector for better fortune. Be careful of your health. Avoid too much food especially at night. Mind your stress levels and avoid late nights. A Seven Medicine Buddha Plaque will help protect you from getting sick.


Male members of the family should be extra careful this month because of the dangers posed by the monthly five yellow in the Northwest. To control the inauspicious chi, display a 5 Element Pagoda with Seed Syllable here. The lungs and nose are very vulnerable, so be forewarned. Forget about high-risk investments and do not be stressed out by arguments that could lead to mental and emotional problems. Put an image of Chung Kwei in the Northwest to play safe. Offering  of Incense Kemenyen is also recommended.

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