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Celebrating 88 Years of a Great Life!

Not everyone is so lucky to meet a great person in his or her lifetime who is a unique and wonderful source of inspiration. I however consider myself privileged for having the opportunity to know one of the most highly respected business personalities, not only in the Philippines, but throughout Asia and the rest of the world. The day I first met Mr. Washington Sycip, the founder of SGV and Company, also widely regarded as "the man to know" in Asia, is perhaps one of the most important events in my life and career.

The circumstances under which I came to know Mr. Sycip had something to do with my feng shui practice. In preparation for the very first Philippines Feng Shui Extravaganza some years back, I called up his office upon the suggestion of my mentor – world renowned feng shui author – Ms. Lillian Too, to invite him to the event hosted by Lillian herself. It has been years since that first meeting, but Mr. Sycip has never ceased to amaze and inspire me. It has led me to have the opportunity to update feng shui of his Makati office every Chinese New Year. Indeed, it gives me such happiness to see him follow the lucky and unlucky directions for the year and the different cures and enhancers I have to mix up with his current decors at his office so he will be feng shuid-proof for the year! The story of his life (which I wrote about in another article), how he rose from being a one-man office to being the head of one of the most respected firms in the country, his business insights, his little publicized acts of charity, are full of lessons and examples that will have continuing impact on my personal life.

Mr. Sycip turned 88 on June 30 this year. Still highly visible in the business scene, he makes people wonder where he gets the stamina for his activities. In a recent interview, he admitted that his schedule has gotten even busier after he retired from SGV in 1996. He serves on the boards of several large corporations, goes to office earlier than most employees, and still travels to different countries to fulfill his business and philanthropic responsibilities.

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