Marites Allen’s forecast for The Year of the Earth Boar

January 07, 2019



Sunday Times Magazine Exclusive, Jan. 6, 2019



“Each year, we aim to educate our audience on the exciting possibilities that await individuals and businesses based on careful analyses of different Feng Shui charts,” says International Feng Shui Master Marites Allen. “These important indications may affect our personal and business affairs, and when harnessed properly through Feng Shui, could turn prospects to our advantage,” she adds.

This year’s staging of the annual event marks the completion of a 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac and is meant to celebrate the Year of the Earth Boar, which starts on February 5, 2019 and ends on January 24, 2020.

1959, the last Year of the Earth Boar was a landmark year

The last year of the fifties was a period when the Earth symbolically moved. Many foundations began to shift and made changes possible — changes that became worth embracing. New state alignments were developed that have lasted to this day; significant inventions forever changed the way we do things.

World events

Fidel Castro aligned himself with Soviet Russia after being rebuffed by the United States and became the Premier of Cuba.

Tibetans revolted against the Chinese in Lhasa. The uprising was suppressed and The Dalai Lama and tens of thousands of Tibetans fled to India.

Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states, respectively, of the USA.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration introduced to the world the first group of astronauts, known as the Mercury Seven, including John H. Glenn Jr. and Alan Shepard Jr.

Pioneer 4 became the first American spacecraft to exit the Earth’s orbit.

Huge catastrophes hit various parts of the world, including a flood in Taiwan that left 2,000 dead. Typhoon Vera with winds over 160 mph hit the Japanese island of Honshu, killing nearly 5,000 people. The first case of human death caused by HIV was recorded in Congo. Other negative developments happened in the US, where unemployment affected 1.4 million citizens. Elsewhere, in Ecuador, martial law was declared following riots in the country’s capitol.


Boeing 707 Jet Airliner shortened transatlantic flight by eight hours.

First pictures of Earth from space were taken by Explorer 6.

IBM shipped the transistor-based IBM 1401 mainframe.

Xerox launched the first commercial copier.

US launched the first Weather Station in Space.

De Beers manufactured a synthetic diamond.

Integrated Circuit (microchip), forerunner of the microprocessor, was invented by Jack Kilby and future Intel founder Robert Noyce.

Pop culture and entertainment

“Ben Hur,” won 11 Oscars. This film was a remake of a 1925 silent film.

The popular teen heartthrob Neil Sedaka had his first international hit with “Oh! Carol,” addressed to his high school girlfriend Carol Klein. His girlfriend became famous later as the singer and songwriter Carole King.

The US Grammy Music Awards started.

The chartered plane transporting musicians Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper crashed during an Iowa snowstorm, killing all four occupants on board. The tragedy was later termed “The Day the Music Died,” popularized in Don McLean’s song, “American Pie.”

Playboy Magazine debuted, featuring Marilyn Monroe as its first centerfold.

Barbie Dolls made by Mattel became a fad among little girls.

Toy manufacturer Wham-O introduced the “Frisbee.”

Balance, opportunities, abundance and rewards in 2019

The Boar is often associated with self-indulgence, fun, and excess. Being the last of the animals in the Chinese zodiac, 2019 may be viewed as a year of endings and a time for closure or completing things that have been started, rather than new beginnings. The year is also governed by the Earth element which, to many, especially those born with the same element, is a sign of nurturing and good luck. It will also bring good fortune to friends of the Boar, namely, the Tiger, Horse, and Rabbit. The Dragon, being the conflict animal of the Boar, may be up for certain challenges during the year.

As always, in the practice of Feng Shui, Master Marites Allen stresses that it is important to understand how the different energies or elements play in favor of, or against each other. The Year of the Earth Boar has plenty of indications for Balance, Opportunities, Abundance, and Rewards. However, these positive prospects will not come to us uninvited. We need to attract them into our lives.

The November 18 convention aimed to show the roadmap to prosperity in the Year of the Earth Boar by discussing: the good and bad sectors of your home and office in 2019; how to redirect those energies and make them work for you, aspects of your life that have positive or negative indications. By being forewarned, you will be able to adjust your plans accordingly. New Feng Shui cures and enhancers are available to help you achieve your goals for the New Year.



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