Year of the Snake: A Guide to the First 15 Days

June 28, 2013

Marites Allen, in the Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) Mabuhay magazine February 2013 issue, suggests rituals for the first 15 days of the lunar year to help you ensure a smooth-sailing Year of the Snake (“Year of the Snake: A Guide to the First 15 Days," pp. 79-80). Mabuhay magazine is the in-flight magazine of Philippine Airlines, the country’s national flag carrier.

Year of the Snake: A Guide to the First 15 days

By Marites Allen


Being happy in the first 15 days of the Year of the Snake ensures a smooth year ahead. Learn more from feng shui expert Marites Allen.

Everyone should make an effort to celebrate and be merry on the first 15 days of Chinese New Year. In the following guide, take note of the prosperity direction for each day. Make sure a window or a door facing that direction is open for that day to allow good fortune to flow in.

Day 1, February 10

This is the luckiest day of the year so wake up early and wear new auspicious clothes, preferably those designed with mystic knot prints or symbols of your zodiac allies and friends. The head of the family should lead the offering of incense to the deities, ancestors and local spirit landlords.

Play loud and happy music. Wish every member of the family Happy New Year and give children and young adults their angpows. Gather as a family between 7am and 9am and everyone should be seated for a lavish breakfast together by 9am. At the start of the meal, young children and young adults should offer sweet tea to their elders.

Things to avoid: Do not mop or sweep and don’t do laundry today. Bathe after 12 noon. Avoid black or bitter tea. Do not make negative comments or bring up negative matters.

Day 2, February 11

Celebrate with a lion dance and throw oranges and mandarins into the home. Place the 9 Rings Sword prominently in the center of the home to capture the luck of the prosperity star. You can also wear the Wealth and Success amulet. If your house faces Southeast, throw a party and open your house to receive lucky energy. This is a good day to renew bonds by visiting friends and business associates.

Day 3, February 12

Argument rules this day so stay indoors to avoid misunderstandings. The Rabbit-born should keep a low profile. If you must go out, carry the Peace and Harmony amulet. Have an incense ritual and make  offerings at your altar including green banana, dried mushrooms, spring onions, white cabbage, garlic, pineapples, peanuts, and five types of fruits.

Day 4, February 13

This is the day to offer earnest prayers for children’s success.  Offer incense, garlic, or celery to Lord Weng Chang, the supreme Taoist deity for education, and chant the mantra OM AH RAPA CHANADI dedicated to the academic success of your children.

Day 5, February 14

To celebrate the start of the working year, light firecrackers at the main door of the office. If there’s a lion dance, have the lions throw oranges and mandarins into your home or business. Offer five sets of fruits and five types of incense to the God of Wealth and ask for his blessings from all five directions.

Day 6, February 15

This is the day for love and marriage. Those looking for a suitable life partner can seek help from Lord Yui Lao, the Taoist Deity for marital affairs, and offer him pink flowers and candle light. To activate marriage luck, wear the Double Happiness pendant or bring along your Dragon Phoenix mirror.

Day 7, February 16

The Chinese believe that the traditional raw fish Yue Sang should be tossed at least once during the first 15 days. This is the best day to do it. As you do so, say your wishes such as “May our marriage last” or “May our business be more profitable”, and so on. Wear the Popularity Medallion today to boost your good fortune for the year.

Day 8, February 17

This is the day to start special prayers to the Jade Emperor or the God of Heaven, which usually begins from 11 pm onwards. Favored offerings include a pair of sugar canes, incense, 7 cups of Chinese tea, 7 cups of rice wine, 7 plates of fresh fruits, a roast pig, 2 bouquets of flowers. Gold paper ingots are also burned to help overcome financial obstacles.

Day 9, February 18

Honor the Jade Emperor by visiting your local Taoist temple and make offerings of incense, flowers and candles to the God of Heaven on his birthday. Avoid potential robbery by carrying the Anti-Burglary amulet or by placing the Rhinoceros and Elephant in the center of the home.

Day 10 to 12, February 19, 20, and 21

Renew ties with friends and extended family members on these days.  When you come to visit, bring some New Year goody bags filled with mandarin oranges, sweet meats, Chinese biscuits and angpow or red packet.

Day 13, February 22

Give the body a break from all the feasting and drinking by going vegetarian. Drink plenty of water and eat cooling foods to counter too much body heat.

Day 14, February 23

This is a hostile day so it would help to display the Flaming Sword with Magic Wheel in the center of the coffee table. Prepare Tong Yuen or sweet dumplings made from rice flour filled with mashed sugary pastes flavored with lotus seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, and red beans. Boil in a broth lightly sweetened with rock sugar and ginger.

Day 15, February 24

The first full moon night of the year marks the sweet ending of the new year festivities.  Families eat Tong Yuen together. This day also corresponds to the Chinese Valentine’s Day; thus young singles looking for love practice the floating Sky Lantern ritual by releasing paper lanterns into the sky while seeking blessings for good marriage and descendants. Young ladies offer mandarin oranges into the lake, which reflects the full moon. If they’re on the lookout for husbands, this is the best night to energize the Dragon Phoenix Mirror.










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