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Have you got your own Dzi?

August 17, 2006

By Marites Allen
(First of two parts)

I caught up with my mentor Lillian Too at the recently concluded Feng Shui Extravaganza in Melbourne, Australia, several weeks ago. Following this, I am very pleased to share with you this early that Lillian agreed to come back for another round of the 2007 Philippines Feng Shui Extravaganza, this time to be held on Jan. 27, 2007 at the SM Mall of Asia-Premier Cinema. The following day, Lillian and I will conduct a seminar on the Four Pillars of Destiny (reading one’s life chart using our own birth data) at the Hotel Philippine Plaza. For reservations and inquiries you may contact any of our branches here in Metro Manila and in Cebu. Lillian’s coming back to the Philippines is indeed a great honor and privilege. Her 2006 feng shui forecast of possible earth related disaster validates recent scenarios that we have experienced and are still currently experiencing such as landslides in Leyte, Baguio City and Mayon Volcano’s activity which may trigger an eruption at any time. The advantage of foresight is indeed very important!

Before we proceed with our topic on the powerful DZI Beads, let me first entertain e-mails from our dear readers who took their time in sending their feng shui questions:

From : Carmi
Subject: Feng Shui Consultation

Good day to you!

I have read your article in the Standard Today through Internet about feng shui.
I would like to seek your help if you could recommend some contacts of reliable feng shui experts in designing house. I just want to build a home for my family from hard-earned money.

Thank you very much in advance and hope to hear from you in the near future.

Best regards,


ANSWER: We would be grateful to assist you with your feng shui needs, please provide us with your contact details (tel. no./fax) so we can send you the information that you can fill in and confirm, so we can assist you with the design of your house. Our experts can work hand-in-hand with your architect and interior designer. Otherwise, you may also call in telephone no. 910-6000 for further inquiries. Thank you very much.

From: Victoria
Subject: Feng shui inquiry

Dear Allen,

First of all, let me offer my congratulations for opening up another store at the Mall of Asia. I have been a constant reader and follower of feng shui in WOFS Web site but could not practice much of what I read right now I’m residing and working here in Bahrain. I have only seen one feng shui shop here and could only get very little help or advise. Last year, when I was on vacation I was not able to visit your Podium store as I was busy traveling and visiting friends, but this time I would make it a point to visit your store in Mall of Asia in my upcoming vacation this August.

I have a question though, do you have anything in your store that would drive out bad luck in the house? We got our small house three years ago and every year since then something bad would happen, first was three months new in the house and my father died, then the consecutive years a member of the family got sick. Could there be something in your store that could eliminate these things and not happen any further? I would really appreciate it very much if you could enlighten me and advise what to do at this time so it could save me some time to go through when I come back for vacation.

Thank you for your time and your kind attention will be highly appreciated.


Vicky S.

ANSWER: Thank you very much for your note and we wish you every success in Bahrain, I always have great admiration for my fellow migant workers for doing this for our country. Feng shui is quite complex and it is more than just a house (but different aspirations and formula that we have to use in every feng shui analysis) but it’s a combination of many other things. So firstly, please send me your birthdate and time of birth and I will try to read your Paht Chee first, and from there we can see whether this particular phase in your life is simply an obstacle that you may be passing through or may be over soon. Of course, there will be no harm for you to consider getting a feng shui expert to investigate the location, position, shape and sector allocation of your house. Maybe it just needs some minor repositioning of bedroom allocation or realign some sectors that you and your family members living in there are tapping the auspicious directions and enjoying best energies of your house, etc.

We may have a variety of feng shui enhancers and/or cures that you may be able to use but it is difficult for us to recommend any of it if we have not done any analysis or investigation of your house. However, as a general application, all of us has to be aware of the so-called “annual afflictions” that affects the luck of our houses/offices. Every year, three major afflictions which for 2006 is located in the West (five Yellow, may bring acute bad luck for members of your household)—Remedy this affliction with five element pagoda, next is in the NorthWest (God of the Year, disturbing this sector may bring severe loss, illness and misfortune)—Remedy this with an image of a Piyao and in the North (three killings, risk of misfortune, illness, accidents and lawsuits)—Remedy with the three Coin Sword. The illness sector for 2006 is also located in the Southeast so ensure to cure this with a figurine of a Wolu at this sector or for myself I place them always at bedside table for every room of my family member. I hope this information helps you with our immediate concern. In the meantime, looking forward to receiving your reply e-mail.

From: Jocelyn T.
Subject: Kuan Yin Dzi bead
Hi, I would like to ask if you do sell just the Kuan Yin Dzi bead. I got the Kuan Yin Dzi with 8mm Smooth Clear Crystal Beads as a gift two years ago. But unfortunately the kuan yin dzi got cracked recently, I was hoping, if I could just replace that one bead.

Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks



ANSWER: If the Kuan Yin Dzi has already cracked, unfortunately, it is not advisable to use it anymore. Same thing applies with our dishes/plates/cups at home, we should never use any dishes with broken chips/cracks as it is not auspicious. In my time, I can always remember my grandmother reminding us all the time not to use any of our dishes with chipped off sides.

FROM: Rosemarie P.
SUBJECT: Item Inquiry
Hi! I would like to inquire kung meron kayong Ru Yu Dzi bead bracelet and how much? Sorry I have to inquire thru e-mail kasi medyo malayo location nyo, just want to make sure before we go there. Thanks!

ANSWER : Yes, we have an available Ru yi Dzi, indeed a very auspicious amulet for power and authority. Please call any of our WOFS branches listed below for your inquiry. That’s it everyone, thank you all so much for reading our feng shui column here at Standard Today. We shall endeavor to feature other inquiries next article. Starting September we are pleased to announce that we shall be giving away surprise gifts to the first five readers who will send in their questionnaires for later publication in our future feng shui columns. We shall inform you via return e-mail and you may be able to collect “mystery gifts” from our different WOFS branches. This is our simple way of sharing our blessings and helping each one with their feng shui concerns.

(Next week, more on dzi beads from Ms. Allen)
You may e-mail your inquiries to or visit our World of Feng Shui boutiques at The Podium Mall ( 914-7112 / 914-7888 ), Mall of Asia (556-5615) or in Cebu (032 231-4088).

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