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Feng Shui Almanac: Choosing auspicious dates

August 21, 2006

By Marites Allen
It was all work, work and more work for me in the past two weeks. Perhaps, the only solid two weeks I was in town in the last 28 months of frequent overseas trips (sometimes with my husband and children, though). I was kidding myself, I think I may have to deactivate a bit of my feng shui enhancers so I can have a breather—live a normal life, catch up on my wifely duties and enjoy my beautiful growing kids. Well, I don't really complain and always thankful to God for all the opportunities I'd been getting all the time. Sometimes, there's just too many of them, several boutiques to monitor (thank goodness I have trusted managers to run it for me!), consultation requests, and sometimes I touch base with my Rotary Club of Pasong Tamo for our charitable projects with our brand-new, energetic and very inspired club president, lawyer Ric Manuel. Even in my latest article the other week for my screen idol "Jack Bauer" of the famous TV Series "24" I misspelled his real name— "Kiefer Sutherland" and worst—swapped the names of his first and second wife as to who is the mother of his daughter Sarah Judd! Silly me!

But thank you so much to our readers who sent so many positive remarks on it and of course a lot of them were requesting for their personal Paht Chee readings. Unfortunately, I can't do them all but have selected Fung's e-mail to be featured in today's article—and since most of our readers are asking about how to tap and maximize their own luck—wealth or otherwise, I thought of sharing to you the importance of the Feng Shui Almanac. During my recent guesting at Unilab's annual convention at the Jumbo Restaurant last August, and at the BPI Family Savings Bank SME Conference in Davao last Sep. 7 (and more cities to come in the coming months), most questions are all about luck. Therefore, I thought of sharing to you one of my guides which I refer to all the time without fail. I cannot go ahead with any meetings, sign contracts, commence business or investment, or give advice on when are the best days to get married or even when to deliver the baby (for those seeking a caesarian section) unless I consul—The Feng Shui Almanac and do some comprehensive reading and analysis depending on one's date of birth. At the World of Feng Shui, we spend so much time and resources to develop the reliable referenced Annual Almanac. It is available at all our boutiques and at National Bookstores nationwide between November to January of each year. I wish to reply to Ms. Fung's e-mail below first, before we discuss the Almanac.

From: Fung
Subject: Lack of Luck

Dear Ms. Marites,

Good day. I've been meaning to write to you for the longest time, but it seems everytime I wanted to do so, something always comes up. But finally, here I am. Like many of your readers (at Standard Today column), I'm besieged with luck problems, or the lack of it in this case.

Somehow, somewhere, sometimes in my life, I seem to ran out of it. How can I tell? Well, funny it might seem, but I'm not winning in any raffles... even though the odds are not that bad... I always end up the last person holding nothing. Apart from that, life and work wasn't so fair either. The circumstances and scenarios are almost always static. Unless I really work hard for something. I can't seem to achieve them. Love life is altogether another failed matter. I had numerous relationships in the past but none of them work out. It feels like there's a constant, perpetual dark cloud hanging on my head, like the proverbial Damocles' Sword?

I'm not seriously complaining here but I just wish that sometimes luck might go my way just so to spice up life a little. Of course I'm not asking for the moon and the stars but just a tinge of sweet joy, a free cake or a complimentary candy from time to time. I'm sure you can tell I'm a bit frustrated here? I was born 7:17 p.m. on June 22, 1971. Any reading you can provide will be highly appreciated. Also, is there anything that I can wear or keep to enhance luck? Hoping for your reply soon. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Fung, your animal sign is Boar— which was forecasted to have a better luck this year than last year. In fact, to be exact, your forecast this year includes opportunity for finding true love and/or new romances to flourish. Therefore, don't be sad, we still have a couple of months to go before the next spring comes (Feb. 4 under the HSIA Chinese calendar). You should also thank your lucky stars that next year will be your year—Year of the Fire Boar. A lot of people could even be less happy than you are as their problems may not even be about love, luck or otherwise, but they have to battle day-to-day challenges in life on how to survive and move on. For your windfall luck (say in lottery or similar things), you may want to subscribe to SMART 286 for your daily horoscope, it gives you indications on when your luck is strong.. Do you know that even I (being the content provider for the daily horoscope for SMART) subscribe to it, as it gives me a good reminder on my luck for the day. Also, since your Kua number is 4, you may wear blue and black colors for wealth, red, orange or pink for health, and shades of light to dark green or dark brown for your romance and career luck. You also need a compass and all the time face your lucky directions which are north (for wealth), south (for health), east (for love and romance) and southeast (for personal growth).

How do you apply these principles? Of course other than getting yourself a copy of the Feng Shui Almanac, if you need to find your partner in life, you should ensure that your bedroom is located in the east sector of your house, at the same time you can also align your bed in order for your head to point to the east. One of the most potent Taoist techniques is to put a figurine of a rat in the north part of your bedroom or place a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest. You may also wear a peony necklace or bracelet to enhance your love luck everyday! Peonies are the queen of flowers.

For activating your career luck, you must activate the north part of your house by placing a water fountain or live turtles. You may also try wearing a nine-eyed dzi bracelet which is a very powerful amulet known to erase negative karma and obstacles to success, and to stimulate instant money luck. Hang a painting of 100 birds in the south sector of your living room for countless career opportunities. All the best to you and stay happy. Remember—negative thoughts begets negative feelings... Don't despair, you're too young and your luck will come in many folds soon. Be patient and enjoy the gift of life always!

From: Edna and Carmen in Panama
Subject: congratulations!!!!!!

Hello Marites!!!!

It's truly wonderful to see that everything has been going so successfully for you! My sister and I are very interested in traveling to the MPC in April and on spending some days in the Philippines so we will keep in touch to see if we can be able to see on this trip. Your feng shui advice was wonderful and very accurate. I can't thank you enough!!!!! Can't wait to visit your new stores because there are new items that we're interested in buying. For the time being we're busy making all the arrangements for our trip next year. Take care.

Edna and Carmen (Panama)

ANSWER: Hi there Edna and Carmen, and greetings from Manila! I am so thrilled to hear from you especially that my feng shui advice has brought you good results. Many thanks for your confidence in us and we all look forward to your future visit. Do keep in touch and let us know anytime how we can help you further.

From: Rosanna
Subject: please help... thanks

Hello! I would like to know the auspicious wedding dates for May 2007. My birthday is Feb. 3, 1978, 11:35 p.m. My fiance's birthday is May 24, 1978, time of birth is unknown. I really hope you can help me with this. Thank you!


ANSWER: Hi Rosanna. Your animal sign is the Snake and your fiance's is the Horse. You need to get a copy of the Almanac for 2007 and select a day to get married which is either the day of your animal sign or that of your fiance. I have provided below some guidance in finding your auspicious timing for marriage. There could be other data required, as the selection of year, month, date and time begins with the animal sign of the bride and groom. Please read the rest of the article for your guidance. For the auspicious dates of marriage for May 2007, these are the days of May 1, 3, 14, 16, 26, 28.

However, please note that next year is the Year of Fire Boar (2007) which is the conflict animal sign of your fiance who is a Snake. It's been said that having your marriage during your obstacle day, month or year may bring you marriage difficulties. Ultimately, what I can suggest is you may want to consider getting married or register for marriage sometime in December this year or on or before the next Chinese New Year which falls before Feb. 17 2007.In this case, your marriage timing will be more auspicious because the Year of Fire Dog has the presence of "double happiness" which seldom happens in most years. 2006 is indeed one of the more auspicious years to get married. Feng Shui Almanac: Choosing auspicious dates

Thank heavens, gone are the old days when our ancestors took it as their right to arrange their children's marriages. As citizens of the 21st century and having been raised in the culture of love and romance, we have all the freedom in the world to choose our own mates. Nowadays though, selecting an auspicious day to get married is too much of a hassle for many couples and oftentimes they inadvertently choose dates that prove to be detrimental to their future. What they may not realize is that, from a feng shui perspective, the importance of choosing an appropriate day to get married cannot, and should not be disregarded!

In several instances, we have observed how some people's luck changed so dramatically after they got married! In feng shui, it is believed that all your personal luck is dependent on your parent's feng shui until the day you got married. You can hear some stories of people finding happiness after they get married even though they had unhappy experiences during their childhood. There are others though, who have unpleasant experiences and worse, even lose everything they have after getting married. So when getting married, you need to maximize the potential luck of the wedding day and the best way to do that, is for course, to select an auspicious date. This, my friends, can be achieved through the use of the Feng Shui Almanac or the Tung Shu (The Table Days).

Guide to choosing your auspicious dates

The Feng Shui Almanac summarizes the auspicious and inauspicious dates of the entire year for all types of occasions such as starting a business, making an investment, getting married, starting a job, renovating or moving house, etc.

To those couples who are now preparing for their big day, outlined below are several guidelines in selecting auspicious dates:

Choosing the year

Selecting a year, month, and date begins with determining the animal signs of both the bride and groom.

  • It is extremely lucky if you choose a year that matches either the bride or groom's animal sign— whoever is the major breadwinner will be favored by choosing his/her year;
  • If you cannot get married in either one of your animal years, then select a year that falls under the animal sign of the Trinity Friends of either the bride or groom (to those who need to know who their allies and friends are, you can check this out in the Almanac);
  • You can choose a year that falls under one of your Secret Friends for either the bride or the groom, if you still cannot get married on your animal year;
  • You should avoid getting married in a Conflict Animal year for both the bride and the groom's animal signs.

Further, to enhance your marriage luck, World of Feng Shui offers wedding consultations for soon-to-wed couples (by appointment only) or for those who are already married and wish to "spice up" their marriage!

The Feng Shui Almanac for the Year of the Fire Dog

This fully illustrated feng shui guide has been especially designed to enhance your full potential in 2006, the year of the Fire Dog. It uses the traditional Chinese calendar to assist you in selecting the best and most auspicious days and times for activities and events such as weddings, renovations, traveling, opening a business, good days, bad days and more. This year's almanac includes auspicious and inauspicious activities, daily earthly branch and conflict animal indicating if the day is going to be good for you or not, as well as good, average, and unlucky hours.

Power-packed with practical application tips and frequently used tables and charts, this feng shui almanac will prove to be your indispensable desktop companion. It features 12 pages of master formulas, special rituals and handy feng shui tips, including: Flying Stars, Renovation Rules, Affinity Triangles (your astrology allies and secret friends), Activating For Marriage Luck, secret ways to enhance your wealth, health, and love luck, 2006 luckiest sectors for each month, and much more.

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