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When dogs and dragons clash

October 19, 2006

By Marites Allen

While everyone in the World of Feng Shui team is gearing up for the preparation of the 2007 Philippines Feng Shui Extravaganza with Lillian Too and myself, I imagine that many people are wondering what the Year of the Fire Boar has in store for us. Well, in this connection, everyone is invited to our Pre-Chinese New Year event entitled "Getting Rich and Staying Safe in the Year of the Fire Boar 2007." This will be held at the SM Mall of Asia-Premier Cinema on Jan. 27, 2007, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Registration of seats is now ongoing through any of our World of Feng Shui boutiques. This is going to be another very exciting event, which will provide very useful feng shui forecasts for everyone. This now brings me to my previous encounter with a group when I was one of their invited guest speaker. Sometime in February this year, I was invited to be the guest speaker in a fellowship meeting of the Philippine Bar Association, where I gave a talk on the basics of feng shui and what people can expect for this year, the year of the Fire Dog. It was the first time in their long history that they had a non-lawyer as a guest speaker. Among other things, I mentioned that although this year will generally be a better year than 2005 and will bring better opportunities for specific industries, including the property and real estate business, I cautioned the audience about possible earth-related disasters at the start and end of this year.

A few days after the event, I received an SMS message on my cellphone from one of the attendees, saying how that part of my talk was eerily accurate. The person was referring to the massive landslide in Southern Leyte. In the next few weeks, the media was kept busy covering the damage caused by the Guinsaugon catastrophe. And then after that, we all read about the rumblings of both Mt. Bulusan and Mt. Mayon in the Bicol region. Up to now, the danger posed by the activity of the world's most perfect cone-shaped volcano has not completely subsided.

Being a prophet of doom is farthest from my mind; in fact, feng shui is not about fortune telling. Among other things, it is about interpreting the relationships of energies that prevail on any given period in any place. Allow me then, dear readers, to walk you through how we, as feng shui practitioners, are able to come up with such pronouncements.

The Paht Chee Chart of the Fire Dog Year

The Eight Character Chart or Paht Chee is based on the start of the year based on the Hsia calendar. Almanac experts determine the time and date of the astrological year, and this year it started at 7:29 a.m.—the time of the Earth Dragon, on Feb. 4. This date is the basis of the charts used here.

Note that the Hour Pillar has the dragon element while the Year Pillar has the dog element. Both dog and dragon are of the Yang Earth element, and because the dog is the enemy of the dragon, much clashing activities in the earth are to be expected. The presence of both animals in the chart suggests that earth disasters will continue to be a major threat in 2006.

If you look at the Luck Pillars, you will notice so many fire and earth indications. The Earth Dragon appears in the second luck pillar and again at the end of the year with a strong Earth Pillar led by the Earth Dog.

Wood keeps Earth under control

There is indication, however, that the strong Earth activity may still be controlled. The chart also contains two yang Wood (see Day and Month Pillars), and Wood controls Earth. The yang Wood in the Day Pillar is assisted by yang Water, and thus can occasionally succeed in keeping Earth under control. This suggests that while there may continue to be earth tremors felt in 2006, these will not be mega-size quakes.

One cause for worry is the presence of yang Metal (see Month Pillar), which threatens the chi of the Wood element, though on the positive side, Metal also exhausts Earth. Special stars in the chart

  • The wood Tiger is present in the Month Pillar, which is an indication of the Star of Prospects. The Star of Prospects carries good news for those who are determined to pursue their dreams and have the passion to succeed.
  • The presence of the dragon in the Hour Pillar combining with the rat in the Day Pillar creates the presence of the Star of Spirituality and also signifies the combination of two allies. This indicates that the year benefits from the collective spiritual pursuits of people from different parts of the world.
  • All projects and activities related to spirituality and religious pursuits will be successful and help reduce the negative effects of natural disasters.
  • The Star of Powerful Mentors is indicated by the presence of yang Fire (see Year Pillar), which indicates creativity and intelligence. The star suggests that there will be good leadership luck during the year that will benefit many people. This will also be an auspicious year for those just starting their careers because the star creates energies conducive to the mentoring process.

In summary, the chart for the year is very well-balanced with the presence of all the five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. This means that despite the threats of natural or man-made disasters, 2006 will still be a good year for us. We do not know yet what the next year will bring but there is still time for us to take advantage of the promises of the Fire Dog. And the potentials are there, if we only pay attention to the charts. Before closing, let me answer the questions from our readers:

From: Eva. T., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear Marites Allen,

Hi, I am looking for an expert in feng shui and I'm lucky I've got your name in the Internet thru your Standard Today column. I would like to inquire how much is your professional fee if you see our house in Bulacan. I am still here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I am going home very soon and I want to meet you personally. I hope you would answer my question.

Thank you very much.

ANSWER: Thank you Eva for your e-mail. You may please give us a call at any of our boutiques listed below or e-mail me back your arrival date and planned visit to our boutique and I will make sure I will be there for you to personally attend to your questions.

Best wishes to you there in Jeddah.

From : E. Cojuangco II
Subject: Inquiry to enroll in in-depth Feng Shui Course

Hi! I'm from Cebu and I'm interested in enroling to in-depth Feng Shui you have self-paced courses? What's the tuition? Do you provide Lou pan or any western compass for feng shui?

ANSWER: Hi Ederts, yes, we have several modules being offered to interested feng shui enthusiasts. It usually comes in basic and advance courses. The courses started in July and September, and we are yet to announce the schedule for 2007. We shall keep you informed for the next batch.

Best regards,

M. Allen

From: Ningning G.
Subject : Please help me

Dear Ms. Marites,

Hi! This is Ningning from Naga City. Please help me with our wedding date. My birth date is Sept. 30, 1980 about 1 p.m. and my husband-to-be is April 28, 1979. We planned to get married this coming December but unfortunately his aunt died last month. We are not sure if 2007 will be a good year for us because we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary of being together by August of 2007. The oldies here said that we would have a bad luck if we will push through next year because of this 13th year. We do not want to wait for 2008 anymore. Please help me clear this out. Is it really a bad year for us?

Thank you so much. This would really be a great help for me and my fiancé.

Truly yours,


ANSWER: Dear Ningning, in feng shui, we do not make any distinction regarding the number of years you have been together prior to getting married but more on the Four Pillars luck of the person. What is important also is that you choose an auspicious time and date to get married. In general, the next Chinese year, which commences on Feb. 4 2007, is not such a great year as this year, so it therefore follows that choosing an auspicious time and date prior to this date would be beneficial. This year, the year of the Fire Dog, has the presence of "Double Happiness" which seldom happens. Also, as I have advised in my previous column the other week, it is also important for you to get a copy of the Almanac. It is the so-called—"book of days" or in the old days they called it "Tung Shu." The Almanac can give you auspicious days on when to get married in every month. As a rule it is advantageous to choose a day which is your animal sign day (monkey) or that of your fiancé which is the day of the sheep. It also gives you auspicious times of each day as well.

This is it folks, until my next column. Thank you so much to our dear readers who continue to e-mail their inquiries.

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