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Can feng shui really affect one’s life?

May 10, 2007

By Marites Allen

Our e-mail sender for this week comes from a fellow kababayan miles away from us. Ruby resides in Tennessee and she reads the online edition of Manila Standard Today and part of her e-mail states:

From : Ruby G.
Sent : Tuesday, May 08, 2007 8:39 AM

Dear Ms. Allen,

Greetings po sa inyo! Congratulations sa inyong success!
May gusto po sana akong itanong at mas madali na maitanong ko ito sa aking lengguwahe. Kaya naisip kong kayo ang aking sulatan.

Dito po kami ng aking pamilya nakatira sa Tennessee at mahigit pa lang isang taon dito. Nasa apartment po kami nakatira at umpisa pa lang ay alam ko nang hindi feng-shui standard kasi ay L-shape. Wala naman po kaming choice dahil dito kami na-relocate galing hurricane Katrina.
Ang tanong ko po bago ako bumili ng kung tawagin ko ay “pangontra” ay ilan po bang 5-element pagoda ang kailangan kong bilhin para sa living room namin na kung saan doon ngayon ang lokasyon ng 5-yellow. At gaano kataas ko sya dapat ilagay? ‘Yun po bang “dried earth” na inilalagay sa pagoda ay kailangang palitan every year?
Kung may pagoda na, okay lang po ba na may mga enhancers akong nakalagay sa living room o dapat ko silang alisin? ‘Yun naman pong kuwarto ng anak kong panganay ay sa taas naman at pagoda rin po ba ang kailangan nya?
Ang kitchen at dining room namin ay iisang area, pangit po ba iyon? Doon din po nakalagay ‘yung aking “harvest frame” at pictures ng mga prutas. Okay lang po ba o kailangan kong alisin pati sina Fuk Luk Sau?

Marami pong salamat sa inyong time sa e-mail kong ito. Saan ko po ipadadala ang bayad sa consultation?
Marami pa pong success para sa inyo! Sana po ay ma-meet ko kayo personally kapag nakauwi ako sa atin!


ANSWER: Hi Ruby! Maraming salamat sa iyong e-mail at sa pagbabahagi mo ng iyong kwento. Sana’y maayos ang lahat diyan sa Tennessee. Ang mga sagot sa iyong katanunga’y nangangailangan ng on-site consultation, ngunit dahil sa ikaw ay sa malayong lugar pa naninirahan, magbibigay na lamang ako ng mga praktikal na suhestyon. Una, ang mga istrukturang hugis-L ay hindi maswerte dahil may mga nawawalang sektor o bahagi ng iyong bahay na hindi mo maa-activate o mapapasigla. Pangalawa, ang 5 Yellow sa Hilagang Silangan (Northeast) ay malakas ngayong taon, kaya kung mayroong tila hindi magandang bagay na nangyayari sa iyo ngayong panahon, maaari kang gumamit ng hindi lalampas sa anim (6) na 5-Element Pagoda sa ground floor living room. Hindi mo na kailangan pang maglagay ng anumang bagay sa 2nd floor bedroom ng iyong anak na lalake. Ang lupa na ilalagay mo sa loob ng pagoda ay hindi kailangang palitan taun-taon, ngunit dapat mong tandaan ang lokasyon ng 5 Yellow Affliction taun-taon para mailipat mo ito sa tamang lugar bawat taon. Panghuli, tungkol sa lokasyon ng iyong kusina at hapag kainan, muli kong sasabihin na mahirap magbigay ng suhestyon ukol dito dahil kailangang makita ko muna ito nang personal. Sa ngayon, ang magagawa mo sa ganitong sitwasyon ay gamitin ang “small taichi” formula ng feng shui. Nangangahulugan na dapat pasiglahin ang walong sektor ng iyong living room na siyang pinakamadalas na gamiting lugar sa iyong bahay. Kasama nitong article ang isang graphic presentation ng isang istrukturang hugis-L na galing sa mga nakaraan kong konsultasyon. Pwede mo ring gamitin ang mga solusyong ginawa ko rito. Sa ngayon, ay hanggang dito na lamang. Hangad ko ang iyong kabutihan at sana’y magkita tayo sa pagbabakasyon mo dito sa Pilipinas.

How does your home affect you?

My good friend Chester describes home as something that is a place of respite; a place where one can take a breather from all the madness, chaos and stress caused by our surroundings; it is and should be your ultimate comfort zone where you can just lie on your bed all day, or slouch on the sofa and prop up your legs and feet on a chair for hours on end, luxuriously and without restrictions. For such reasons, it is no wonder that we fill up our homes with furniture and decorative pieces that suit our taste and soothe our mind. Excellent description indeed!

However, a sense of balance and harmony should be in your home. According to feng shui principles, these can be achieved when one’s home’s layout allows for a proper flow of good chi. Furthermore, unseen good and bad energies, the Yin and the Yang, should be harnessed as this is said to affect one’s life. “How so?” you might ask. Ask yourself the questions below and see if even one of them holds true. Have you ever been to a place where you just can’t wait to leave because the place just totally makes you feel uncomfortable for unknown reasons? You are at a friend’s place but leaving it made you fell better somehow? At your workplace, do you feel that you just can’t function well every time? Or in a restaurant, do you feel uneasy despite of its cozy ambiance?

For sure, one of these instances has occurred in your life. This sense of discomfort is in fact coming from the energies emitted by and the arrangement and display of furniture around you. To fix this, we should first recognize that there are five elements surrounding us: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. In addition, each map direction has a Pa-Kua number, and in which resides a specific element and colors that can actually help activate certain sectors in your life whether it is in love, wealth, health, career, education, family, friendship, etc.

The first step to achieving harmony and balance in your home or workplace is to de-clutter it. Throw away or give away unnecessary things. Do not hide them away in boxes or cupboards or anywhere inside your home. Doing such would just be similar to hiding them inside you. Remember that you and your home are one and equal.

Next is to get a good compass. Stand at the center of your living room or bedroom, with the North direction behind you. By doing this, you can identify its 8 auspicious directions and tell if the elements are in the right places. If so, this will cause good energy flow. A few more minor changes might be necessary for better measure.

But please be reminded that changes will not happen overnight. One must live with it first to see if it suits you fine. If not, you can always change it, which will also correspond to changes in your life. To serve as your guide, here below is the summary of the 8 Aspirations Feng Shui Formula.

The SOUTH has fire element and is for fame and recognition. It is governed by red and pink colors;
The earth element resides in the SOUTHWEST. It is the love and relationship luck sector. Its suitable colors are cream and beige;
The WEST has the metal element. It is known as to grant descendant’s luck. Its colors are white, silver and gold.
The NORTHWEST also has the metal element. It symbolizes mentor luck. Its colors are also white, silver, and gold.
The NORTH sector has the water element. It symbolizes career luck. Its colors are blue and black.
The NORTHEAST sector has the small earth element and symbolizes education luck. Its lucky colors are cream and beige;
The EAST sector is good for health luck, and is represented by wood element. Its suitable color is green and brown;
The SOUTHEAST sector is for wealth luck and has also the wood element. Like the EAST, it is best to have shades of green here.

Trust this again help our readers with some of our feng shui tips. Keep sending your inquiries and we’ll do our best to give you answers on your feng shui predicament… ciao for now.

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